Birthday Parties

Add a Wild West theme to your child’s next birthday party!

old time photo

Pricing is $150 for 10 children and $5 per child over 10 kids  (adults are free) and the party includes:

  • Tour of the town
  • Wild West Show (trick-roping, bull whips, gun-slinging, hatchet-throwing)
  • Campfire
  • Saloon setup for cake and gifts

jail break

youatcircleMOptional Activities include:

  • Wagon Ride for all ages $50/group
  • Horse Ride (lead children around on horse) $50/group
  • Blacksmith (children brand a “Circle M” logo onto a board which they keep)   $50/group
  • Old Time Photos (dress up in old-fashioned clothing)   $50/group
  • Barn Dancing $50/group
  • Calf Roping (children rope a moving plastic life-size calf) $50/group

A basic Party is 2 hours long; each extra activity is an added 20 minutes.


Call today to reserve Circle M City at 919-499-8493 or email us at

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