Marsh Stables

horse grazing in the pasture at sunset
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Horse in the sunset
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Horse grazing during the sunrise in southeastern Wyoming.
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Horse in the sunset
Marsh Stables
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Since 1969, Marsh Stables is a family-owned riding facility that is connected to Circle M City and has offered the chance to ride horses through serene pastures and forests on trail rides or weekly lessons for children and adults. Our facilities feature three spacious arenas, jumps, barrel racing, pole bending, calf roping, an obstacle course, a covered arena and trail rides that meander through scenic pastures and forests.

With over thirty head of horses in our year-round herd, we have so many options for you to choose, from Pickles, our smallest kids’ pony who is spritely but gentle to Hank, our Belgian draft horse who is a rescued workhorse getting a second lease on life and learning to love scratches and treats that riders offer him.

Marsh Stables is located at 3406 Center Church Rd, Sanford, NC 27330 (See detailed map below) and is only open by appointment. Because we are often leading trail rides and training horses, we aren’t available to accept visitors who drop by. Please call first.

Horse Experiences (trail ride and arena)

Love horses and want to ride? We offer private horse experiences for every age and skill level. A one-on-one horse lesson is a great birthday gift for anyone of any age and can be a great introduction to a life-long passion for animals. In your session, you will learn the basics of horse care, including using a curry comb, cleaning hooves and saddling your horse. Don’t worry, we will be right next to you to show you the ropes! Then, we go into the arena for a horsemanship lesson and you’ll learn to safely mount up, using the mounting block. From there, we have a fun obstacle course with a covered bridge, cones to practice steering through and a “car wash” with streamers to ride under. If you’d like to go on the trail, you’ll enjoy the views of rolling pastures, forested trails and a ride around Circle M City, to see an old-west chapel, saloon, blacksmith and more.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear sturdy shoes and long pants. Boots are preferred, but not mandatory. Horses occasionally step on toes and we want you to be protected. There are prickly holly bushes, tree branches, poison ivy and mosquitoes, so long pants, sunscreen and bug spray are suggested. A water bottle is helpful, and we have water fill-up stations.

RATES: One hour horse experience with a trail and arena ride $60 per rider

Because we are often leading trail rides and training horses, we aren’t available to accept visitors who drop by. Call (919) 499-8493 to schedule an appointment.

Horse Lessons

Marsh Stables is a multi-disciplinary recreational barn with English and Western riding options. Many young riders find that horses are great therapists and have a calming presence, which can help students focus better in class, while. building core muscle strength, balance and bodily awareness. We are not a high-stress show barn with costly competitions and show uniforms, but a great place to learn new skills on safe horses that are expertly-matched to your preferred discipline and skill level. Weekly lessons are grouped by skill level and daytime homeschool lessons are available.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Ideal age for lessons is 5 years old or older with good balance and ability to follow directions. Students are not required to wear a uniform or certain boots, though sturdy shoes are a must. Boots are suggested for safety, and helmets are always worn around horses. We provide helmets and everything a rider would need. There is a waiting area for parents on the porch or in the climate-controlled classroom. Many parents leave their children and run errands, as classes are typically 2 hours.

Weekly Group Class: Join us for a two hour class where students learn to brush and care for a horse, saddling and basic horsemanship lessons, including arena time and a trail ride. We have daytime classes for homeschoolers, afternoon classes for traditional students from 3:30-5:30pm and Saturday morning classes. $40 per week or $155 per month.

Private Lessons: A great way to get a one-on-one introduction to horses for the young and the old! $30 per 30 mins or $55 per 60 mins. This makes a great birthday gift!

Kids Summer Camp

Marsh Stables offers kids’ summer camps which give young riders the chance to try out new disciplines and riding techniques in a fun and safe environment with experienced adult instructors. During the week, kids will ride horses every day, do a horse-related craft, visit the old-west town at Circle M City on a wagon ride, learn to braid manes and care for horses. Each year has a fun theme, like western, rodeo and beach where students learn about different uses of horses throughout history. Spaces are limited. Call Michelle Marsh (919) 499-8481 for availability and rates.

horses in pasture

Horse Boarding

Want to join our herd? Marsh Stables has acres and acres of pasture and semi-private or private paddocks to fit your unique needs. You’ll have access to our three arenas, a covered arena, an obstacle course and trails that lead to our old west town, Circle M City. Owners live on the property and with lessons, trail rides, trainers and other boarders, many people have eyes on your horse.

Call Michelle Marsh (919) 499-8481 for more information and to schedule a tour.